Thursday, December 29, 2016

David Justin Urbas - Make the Most of Your Thank You Page

You successfully completed the sale or signed up the subscriber. It’s a great win and you direct your new customer to a page where you can confirm the order and express your genuine thanks.

But I think most underestimate the opportunities that thank you pages present. They are a key piece of your online customer experience and, when used properly, they can help you with your longer term success. In addition to starting your customer relationships off on the right note, they can also provide some valuable information and post-conversion marketing.

Here are a few strategies to boost the power of your thank you page.

1. Get Users Started with Your Product Quickly
If you’re a digital product, encourage your users to get started right away when their interest is highest. This will get customers used to your product, making them more likely to continue using it and less likely to unsubscribe. If you’re selling physical goods, give your customers an expectation on when they can expect delivery.

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