Thursday, January 5, 2017

David Justin Urbas - Images in Blogs ! Is it Really Helpful?

Getting noticed is the key to generating more traffic to our website.
Do you really think that a well-written copy is effective enough to get noticed by your audience?

No, if it is just the written words that are talking to your audience. You should allow few images, relevant of course to do some talking as well. You have to attract your audience with your words and images. A well-written blog or an effective business writing will always have its place; it cannot be replaced by only an image. But it is very important to strike the right balance between the content written and images. A blog with strategically placed images gets more views (almost 95%) than a well-written blog with no images.

A reader’s eyes are always naturally drawn towards an image, so take advantage of that. This does not mean just add any image and expect your blog to rank.

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